How to store red wine after opening?


After opening a red wine bottle and not using it fully, you must be thinking about storing it because of how expensive it is. But you don’t have to worry about it. Because it is a simple task that you can do easily without worrying about anything.

Here we will give you the 3 best red wine saver ideas that can help you to store your red wine even after using it. So make sure to follow any of these to ensure the quality of your red wine.

Store Red Wine in the Fridge

The first and simple idea to store a red wine is keeping it in your fridge. Oxygen and heat are not suitable for storing your wine. Cool air is perfect for red wine.

But if you expose red wine to cool air for a longer time, then it will start to degrade and after some time, it will be vinegar. So now you know you must not freeze it. And that’s why you can get a wine fridge. It will keep your wine fresh and cool. But not a regular fridge would do.

And when you keep it in the fridge, make sure to seal it airtight. So no air will pass through inside the wine.

Reduce Exposure to Oxygen

Oxygen can spoil your red wine. That’s why you need to make sure to reduce your wine exposer to oxygen. Keep your bottle upright. If it is possible, you can keep your wine in a small bottle. It will give less space for oxygen and you don’t have to worry about it.

Place Wine in a lukewarm water

Wines stay better at room temperature. Or you can keep your wine at 17 to 19 °C (62 to 66 °F). If the temperature changes rapidly, then your wine will spoil. So take a bowl of lukewarm water not hot water, and then keep your wine in it. You can change the water after it gets cool. This is a temporary solution. So do this before you start to serve wine to someone.

Insert Gas Aerosol

To remove oxygen from your red wine bottle, you can use gas aerosol. All you have to do is insert the gas. It will fill up the oxygen’s place and create a sheet that will protect the wine from the air. Make sure to cork back in a tight position. It will help your wine to be safe for some time.

How to Keep Wine from Spoiling

  • Make sure not to keep your wine beside your fridge or oven. They produce heat. So it will be easy for a red wine to get spoiled.
  • Don’t expose your wine bottle to the sunlight. Your wine will start color discoloration and oxidation.
  • If you have an old red wine bottle, then finish it first.

These are the simple steps to keep your wine safe from spoiling. And don’t keep your wine under 70 °F (21 °C). It doesn’t matter if the wine is sealed or you have opened it.


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