Flavored Syrups, Coffee Drinks and Snow Cones? Noreen’s Kitchen!

Coffee Drinks
Greetings! This one is just for fun! I recently saw on Facebook that Torani Syrups had introduced a new Bacon syrup to their lineup! Now Torani has been around since the 1930s and originally started in Italy and then SanFrancisco. They are the original coffee syrup!

Since you all know that Rick is a bacon fiend, I had to get the bacon syrup just for fun. It actually does not taste that bad! it is sweet and smokey and salty all at the same time. It would make a seriously delicious martini straight up, shaken not stirred (wink) I also think it would be nice added to pancake or waffle batter and even corn muffin batter then you could add some crumbled bacon. It is going to intensify the bacon flavor and add extra deliciousness.

So I also ordered some Irish Cream syrup because you cannot really make that on your own and it is my serious, hands down favorite. So Irish Cream it was and some delicious and versatile caramel syrup to round out the order.

These syrups can be ordered from Torani online at:

The bottles are 750ml and they are a little over a quart in size. They are going to last a long time and have infinite uses. Think coffee, flavored sodas, snow cones! You could easily put a bottle of this flavored syrup together with a bag of lovely coffee and a couple nice mugs and it would be a wonderful holiday or birthday gift for the coffee lover in your family for less than $25.00!

Here I have also thrown together a quick Vanilla Caramel Latte for Rick and an Irish Cream Mocha for myself. Then he really did it! The bacon snow cone is not recommended and should you try it at home, beware! It was simply weird!

Go check out the Torani website they have over 66 regular flavors, including bacon as well as several of their selections available in sugar free.

I have not been compensated or asked to provide this review. This is simply something I wanted to share that we are enjoying! With the holidays right around the corner, these might be something fun to have on hand or even give as gifts!

I hope you try them and I hope you love them!

Happy Eating!

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