MUST-TRY VIETNAMESE DRINKS: Coconut Coffee Smoothie & Yogurt Coffee at Cộng Cafe, Hanoi

Coffee Drinks
You have to check out the delicious Coconut Coffee Smoothie and the amazing Yogurt Coffee at Cộng Cafe in Hanoi!

These are two of my favorite cold coffee beverages in Hanoi. They are both very similar to each other, but the tastes are very distinct from one another. Either option is going to give you a nice caffeine boost and cool you down.

The Coconut Coffee Smoothie (cà phê cốt dừa) is 45K VND / $1.91 USD.
The Yogurt Coffee (sữa chua cà phê) is 40K VND / $1.72 USD.

There are many recipes for both of these drinks online, so hop on Google and do a search if you can’t make it to Vietnam to try these drinks. They’re very easy to make at home!

Cộng Cafe is a chain of cafes that have a Communist theme to it.
The word Cộng comes from Vietnam’s official name, “Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam”, which means “Socialist Republic of Vietnam.”

If you’re visiting Vietnam, definitely check out one of these cafes. There are only a few in certain cities around Vietnam, but Hanoi has over 20 of them since this is the capital city.

If you didn’t know, Hanoi is the seat of the Vietnamese government, which is a one-party Marxist-Leninist system making Vietnam one of two Communist States in Southeast Asia (Laos is the other one).

The cafe’s interior and motif are throwbacks to the 1950’s – 1980’s, with a chic Communist vibe, pictures of historical Communist figures, and a nod to the Vietnamese military.

Cộng Cafe website: http://congcaphe.com/

Address for the cafe near my house: 68 Quan Su street, Hanoi.

Cộng Cafe in Seoul, South Korea: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Coffee-Shop/Cong-Caphe-Korea-1638113042921696/

I hope you enjoyed this video! Thanks for watching!

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