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Episode 4: Riverrun Craft Coffee taste test review of their signature drinks!

3 of the products are NOT sponsored, only the Fresh Cucumber Mint Lemonade drink was given to me for FREE. These are solely based on personal opinion and honest reviews.

– Located at G/F Emmanuel Business Center Sen. Benigno Aquino Avenue Molo Iloilo City
– Owner Sir. Nelson
– Contact details +639065920356
– Operation Days: Monday-Sunday)
– Hours open: 10am to 10pm
– Air condition
– No Wi-Fi
– Limited parking space
– Seating capability: 20pax+
– Great quiet and cozy ambiance

Kulukki Sarbath Lemonade Series
– Originated from South Asia and famous among locals as the number one thirst quencher
– A combination of unique flavors that will surely ignite your wandering taste buds.
-It’s sweet, spicy, tangy and everything you’ve never tried before. It’s cool, it’s Kulukki
– Kulukki Pineapple P80
– Kulukki Brewed Tea P75
– Kulukki Sarbath P70
* they used basil seeds, fresh limes, mints, and fruits for their Limeades

Hand Drips Coffee
– Robusta Coffee: Hot P45, Iced P55
– Arabica Coffee: Hot P65, Iced 75
– Vietnamese Coffee: Hot P60, Iced P70

*Brewing Methods*
French Press, Hario V60 Dripper, Kalita Wave Dripper, Vietnamese Drip Filter

Other Hot Beverages
– Matcha Green Tea Latte P60
– Spanish Chocolate P60
– Hot Tea. P45

Other Cold Beverages
– Fresh Lemonade P50
– Milo Dinosaur P55
– Thai Milktea P65
– Fresh Cucumber Mint Lemonade P65
– Fruit Shake. P75
– Matcha Green Tea Latte P75

– Fettuccine al Pesto P95
– Penne Arrabbiata. P105
– Penne ala Carbonara P105

– Garlic Toast P40
– Sunrise Sandwich P70
– Grilled Cheese Sandwich P50
– Grilled Tuna Sandwich P65
– Peanut Butter & Blueberry Jam P65
– Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam P65
– Creamy Baby Potatoes P70
– Paprika Chicken Sandwich P85

Bakery/Snacks Goodies
– Chocolate Filled Banana Muffin P50
– Double Chocolate Muffin P50
– Lemon Muffin. P50
– Chocolate Chip Cookies P25
– Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. P25

– Banana & Nuts P55
– Chocolate. P55
– Vanilla Ice Cream P50

I ordered
Kulukki Sarbath P70, Fresh Cucumber Mint Lemonade P65, Thai Milktea P65, and Milo Dinosaur P55

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